CIC Express Entry Visa 2020

The Ultimate Guide For Nigerian Professionals

Looking to gain permanent residency in Canada as a skilled Nigerian professional in 2020? Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. It is a country that promotes multiculturalism and respects diversity, making it an ideal emigration destination for skilled Nigerians. Opportunities for career development abound, and it is the ideal location in which to raise your family. Find out more about the Canadian Express Entry program and requirements for Nigerian nationals below, or contact us now for more information.

About the Express Entry program


Launched in 2015, the CIC Express Entry visa program has since become the channel through which the majority of immigrant professionals apply for Canadian permanent residency.Under the Canadian Immigration Levels Plan, 2019 to 2021, the maximum number of emigrants accepted through the Express Entry visa program is set to increase in the next few years. During 2019 alone, over 12,500 Nigerians nationals became permanent residents of Canada under the Express Entry program.

But what exactly is Express Entry?

Express Entry is the application management system used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly the CIC) to process residency applications submitted via 3 of Canada’s economic immigration programs for skilled workers and qualified professionals.

The 3 programs are:

  1. The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Class Visa Program

  2. The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class Visa Program

  3. The Canadian Experience Class Visa Program.

The Express Entry program seeks to attract highly qualified workers, hence the qualifying criteria is competitively driven: The best candidates are identified using a points based ranking system, after which this select pool of professionals are invited to apply for for Canadian permanent residency.


How does the Express Entry process work?

Interested prospective applicants must submit an Expression of Interest form to IRCC summarising their skills and credentials.

The next step in this process takes the form of Express Entry visa draws, followed by the issuance of an Invitation To Apply (ITA) to all selected candidates. These draws take place quite regularly; typically around once every fortnight or so. Only applications who have received a Canadian job offer, a nomination from a province, or who ranked highly in their application pool will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

In addition to looking at educational qualifications, the program also ranks factors such as age, work experience, health and language (both first and second languages – English and French) proficiency. The overall ranking and selection methodology is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System, or CRS, for short.

NB: It is important to not that once you’ve received your ITA, you only have 60 days to submit a complete and accurate permanent residency application, making it vital to have the necessary documentation in order. Working with a reputable and skilled Canadian emigration service provider can be beneficial in this regard.

NOTE: Individuals having difficulties in meeting Express Entry visa program’s requirements in 2020 may also wish to explore the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, which was created to assist employers based in Atlantic Canada in recruiting foreign skilled talent wishing to immigrate to Atlantic Canada, and destinations such as Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, in particular.

Can I qualify for Express Entry into Canada as a Nigerian in 2020?


To find out more about the Express Entry program requirements and to see if you could potentially qualify, complete this governmental survey here.

Please note, however, that this survey is for reference purposes only, and that no emigration decision will be made based on the information you submit.

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